How to reach us

How to reach us


From Moskovskiy railway station

In Addition

5 minutes walk

  1. From the Moscow railway station cross the square to the yellow building opposite.
  2. Go around the building to the left and walk 50 meters along the Ligovskiy Avenue to the hotel entrance under the canopy.


By public transport:

  1. By bus 39 from the airport to get to the station Moskovskaya.
  2. By metro from the station Moskovskaya go to the metro station Technologicheskiy Institut (2) blue line and go to the station Technologicheskiy Institut (1) red line – the platform opposite.
  3. From station Technologicheskiy Institut go to metro station Ploshchad Vosstaniya/Moskovsky railway station on a direct metro line.(Exit to Vosstaniya street).
  4. Exit the metro turn right and cross Ligovsky Avenue.
  5. Walk 50 meters to the left on Ligovsky Avenue to the entrance to the hotel under a visor.