Lobby Bar Abazhur

Lobby Bar Abazhur

A unique institution, like no one else in St. Petersburg. Lobby Bar nestled on the ground floor CITYTEL October.

Every thing in the interior chosen with love and care about comfort for all guests. Throwing open the door "Abazhur", it seems as if you find yourself not in a restaurant in the city center, and a cozy living room.

A small room for 30 people and is ideal for business meetings and for noisy cheerful company, and for the romantic encounters of two hearts in love.

Lobby Bar Abazhur - a place where you will return again and again. Russian, European and pan-Asian cuisine.

Ligovsky Prospect,. 10/118, 1st floor. Tel. +7 (812) 578-12-12

Wine list
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The lobby bar is open 11.00-23.00

Signature dishes
Panasian cuisine



Ligovsky Prospect,. 10/118, 1st floor.